Solving the litter challenge.


The future is technical.

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Refunda represents the litter-free, more prosperous future of Australia.

Refunda's mission is to help everyone share in the social and economic benefits the CDS enables. Refunda is more than just about reclaiming and recycling used and discarded containers.

We believe in technology's role to drive innovations in litter reduction. We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the scheme and make a difference.

Ultimately, we believe in delivering an effective and efficient product that provides the greatest chance for every single container in Australia to be recovered and recycled.

Our customers are Architects and Designers, Project Managers, Government Environmental Agencies, Local Councils, Educational Facilities, Healthcare, Public Transport Facilities/Airports, Hospitality Industry and many more.


“Innovative solutions powered by technology to drive efficiencies.”


World-class Technology

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